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About Us

Booking painting services in Newmarket, Ontario, is easy and hassle-free. And the results of the service are so extraordinary that some of our customers return soon after for additional projects. Or, they return to repaint parts of their home or office, just for the fun of enjoying a new color. These are a few of the things we, at Newmarket Painters, experience every day and thought that you’d be interested in knowing about the enthusiasm of our customers. More importantly, about their choice to dial our number every time they want a job, although there are quite a few painting companies around Newmarket. This means that we do our job well, don’t you agree?

Newmarket Painters – how we do things

About Us

One thing we don’t like doing, here at Newmarket Painters, is put pressure on the customer. Then again, we know that some projects are rather big and need some preparation by the customer. People want to know details about the job – the approx. cost included, before they even decide to proceed or not, and when.

And so, when you turn to our painting company, we let you set the tone of how you want things done. At the same time, our initial interest is to see what you want and what must be done so that we can offer an estimate, which by the way, is free of charge with no further obligation on your part. So far, so good? Let’s move on.

Painting services – the things we can do for you

We are proud to be the expert painters Newmarket people can trust with all jobs. And the painting jobs always involve addressing blemishes and smoothing surfaces, offering color consultation and suggesting trendy patterns – just to give you a few examples. So, we prepared a short list of the main things the painting services may include.

  •          Consultation about the painting techniques, the choice of coatings, the colors, the patterns
  •          Interior painting service, involving fixing drywall, removing wallpaper and popcorn ceilings, filling holes
  •          Exterior painting service, involving all surfaces – from walls and decks to fences and siding
  •          Residential painting, including all types of homes, apartment buildings, condos
  •          Commercial painting, schools, offices included – all businesses and companies

Attention to details – the reasons why we are the go-to painters

Yes, we are not the only house painters in Newmarket. We are not the only company you can turn to for the office painting. And there are painting companies that can do all things we do. So, which are the factors that separate us and make our team the best choice for all painting services?

It has to do with our knowledge, experience, qualifications – even more, with the overall attention we pay to details. We are masters of all materials but also focus on the paint suitable for the stucco or wood. And then, we take into account the environment. Let’s say this is a project that involves painting the bathroom. Or this is an exterior painting. Don’t you want to be sure that the paints are suitable for long-lasting results?

You never think about these things because we are proactive, taking all small and big factors into consideration from the very beginning. And let’s not forget that we are experienced painters in Newmarket. Expect no less than perfection. Want to see?