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Basement Painting

Is it now the right time to have your basement painted? If we are talking about basement painting in Newmarket, Ontario, our company is an excellent choice. Why, we hear you wondering? Due to our experience alone. Then again, our whole team – here at Newmarket Painters – is fully committed to our clientele and our trade.

By knowing the possible challenges of basement painting jobs, we take the necessary measures from the start by offering the right color solutions and highly resistant paint coatings. With us, your basement isn’t only transformed but also becomes a safe, dry, and healthy space. Let us share some details.

Leave basement painting to Newmarket experts

Basement Painting Newmarket

Since nothing is easy with jobs that involve basement painting, Newmarket pros come over to check your space. The main challenge in basements is the usual increased humidity which can take a toll on paints and create an unsafe and damp environment. The whole point is to have the basement painted to keep it dry and free of dampness which will gradually be the reason for mold infestations.

To battle this foe, we focus on the conditions in your basement and suggest the right coatings accordingly. Another thing the basement painter does is focus on the preparation of the surfaces. Everything is perfectly prepared and all coatings/primers are left to dry well before the application of the finishing products.

Another challenge is the limited light. Some basements get no sunlight at all. The secret to keeping the basement friendly, pleasant, and bright is to select the right hues and color combinations. That’s one more thing we do from the start. Depending on the situation in your basement, the pros suggest color combinations and finishes that will boost the space’s feel under any light, artificial or natural.

Have your basement staircase, walls, and all surfaces painted well

Do you need one basement painter for a small job, like refinishing the staircase? Or, want the entire basement painted? You can count on our team for any basement painting job. In any case, you can be sure that the basement walls, staircase, columns, ceiling, trims, and all other surfaces are perfectly prepped. This means that the painters address the flaws, remove dirt and dust, sand as needed, and then apply the primers and paints as agreed from the start.

If you are still thinking about it, consider how many times you go up and down the stairs to get to your basement, and that a fresh paint or stain will do wonders. Your basement floor can be painted too. The walls can be refreshed. The colors in your basement may change to create a completely different environment – just for a change or if you want to change the usage of the basement.

Talk with us. Make an appointment to discuss the project with our team and get a free and no-obligation estimate regarding the service. The best in Newmarket basement painting team is standing right here and ready to take over.