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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Removing popcorn textures from the ceiling is neither easy nor safe. But you don’t have to bother with that. Our company is available for popcorn ceiling removal in Newmarket, Ontario, and thus, is ready to serve anyone who needs this service. It’s affordable, is done by the book, and the results are above all expectations. If you are ready to say goodbye to this ceiling texture and the possible harmful elements that come with it, contact Newmarket Painters.

Available for popcorn ceiling removal in Newmarket

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Newmarket

We often get requests for popcorn ceiling removal. Newmarket residents either hate this texture or suspect that it contains elements that may hurt their health. Others simply want a flat ceiling. Or, have a hard time cleaning this texture and have decided to remove popcorn ceiling textures and paint the substrate. It doesn’t matter. Whatever your reason may be, our team is available for the removal of popcorn ceilings in Newmarket.

The process of removing popcorn ceiling

         Popcorn ceiling assessment. Experts in such textures and such projects come out to assess the condition of the ceiling. Some popcorn ceilings are painted, some are damaged, etc. Such things affect the way the job is done. And so, we need to know everything, from the ceiling size to the texture’s condition to evaluate the job.

  •          Consultation & estimate. Once the pros complete their evaluation, they inform you about what needs to be done, explain the process, offer ceiling color and finish ideas, and provide an estimate.
  •          Popcorn ceiling removal. The pros come out, equipped and dressed as required, to prep the area. The removal of popcorn textures produces a lot of dust. Our goal is to keep it from flying all over the house and so, the room is prepped accordingly. Of course, the pros use special tools and utilize years of experience to effectively remove the texture.
  •          Ceiling finishing. Once the texture is gone, the substrate is prepped. There are usually some imperfections, which are addressed as needed. The ceiling is thoroughly prepped, primed, and painted to look exactly like the ceiling you were craving to have.
  •          Cleaning up. The place is cleaned up so that you will walk into a neat room with a new, freshly painted ceiling.

Experts in removing popcorn textures and finishing ceilings

All steps of removing the popcorn ceiling and refinishing the substrate are taken with the utmost professionalism. The job is carried out diligently, with the right tools. Whether the texture is easy to remove or not, it’s removed effectively. Dust barriers are created from the start to keep the rest of the house clean, especially if this is a harmful texture.

We talk about ceiling finishing methods, techniques, finishes, and colors from the start. No worries about that. Even if you want a simple, flat white ceiling, the results will be amazing. So, if you can’t wait to have a fresh ceiling, contact us. Book your free estimate and consultation. Let’s get started with your Newmarket popcorn ceiling removal.