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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

It’s likely time to get a free estimate for kitchen cabinet painting in Newmarket, Ontario, isn’t it? Let us make this easy for you. Contact us. You can effortlessly learn the cost of having the cabinets in your kitchen painted. More than this, you can get answers to questions and a consultation in regard to colors and finishes. The cherry on the cake? You don’t pay anything. This is a free and no-obligatory kitchen cabinet refinishing estimate and consultation.

If it’s time to change the looks of your cabinets and along the looks of your kitchen, make contact with Newmarket Painters.

Newmarket kitchen cabinet painting service

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Newmarket

Our team is available for Newmarket kitchen cabinet painting services. More importantly, we are experienced with such projects, all types of cabinets, and all materials. Whether these are wooden, vinyl, or composite cabinets, they are finished and prepped to perfection.

We are fully aware that painting cabinets is one way to breathe new life into old cabinetry and thus, avoid the expense of replacing the cabinets. It’s fair to say that kitchen cabinets are used daily and often, and take the heat from daily cooking – hence, steam. Even the best cabinets may lose their edge over the years.

Even if you just want to improve the kitchen’s appearance and simply change the color of the cabinets, there will still be some dents and flaws. They usually are. Have no worries. One of the first tasks pros focus on is to fix such imperfections. Plus, the cabinets are sanded, cleaned, and well-taken care of. They become flawless and smooth as required to be painted.

Cabinet finishing ways to transform kitchens

Let us assure you that all cabinets can be painted – those found under and over the counter, kitchen island cabinets, drawers, and independent cabinetry. And from cupboards to drawers, the cabinetry can be finished to your liking.

  •          One way to finish cabinets is to paint them. If you want to bring some color to your kitchen, let’s see what hue will best match your style. Let’s chat about cabinet painting and color choices.
  •          Of course, you can book cabinet repainting. Many cabinets are already painted these days. If you don’t like the color and want to change it or if the paint is peeling and bubbling, the pros will scrape it off and repaint the cabinets.
  •          Want your cabinets stained just to seal them and thus, protect them from the kitchen’s steam and moisture? No problem. Let’s talk about your needs.

We agree on the kitchen cabinet finishing method, the technique, the color, the finish coatings, and all things relevant from the start. Have no worries about all that. After all, you get the required consultation to make an informed decision. The service takes place as soon as you need it and is completed within the pre-arranged time window.

Improving the looks of the kitchen without spending much takes painting the cabinets. And since we are masters of kitchen cabinet painting, Newmarket homeowners can trust us with the project to be sure it’s done to perfection, from the very beginning to its completion. Let’s talk about your kitchen cabinets.