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Exterior House Painting Newmarket

If your home exterior has seen better days, it’s time to do something about it. And as we see, you’ve taken action by searching for exterior house painting Newmarket companies. If you are getting offers for a painting job, why don’t you turn to our team too? At Newmarket Painters, we provide free estimates for services and do so in a timely manner and without any expectations from you.

Are you trying to find a home painter to finish the doors and windows? Do you just need deck painting? Or, do you want the entire house exterior painted? Whatever your project, count on us.

Best in Newmarket exterior house painting team

At your service for exterior house painting in Newmarket, Ontario. As you can already tell, our company is available for full service and for smaller jobs. And whether you just want the fence painted or all parts of the exterior refreshed, there’s meticulous preparation beforehand. And so, when we talk about the exterior painting, we actually go beyond talking about the application of the paints.

  •          A full exterior painting service involves the siding, the doors, all windows, the walls, the fence, the deck and the railing – all sections.
  •          Of course, you should feel free to book deck painting or fence painting.
  •          You can also ask us to send an exterior painter to finish the shutters, the windows, and the doors.
  •          Whether this is a one-exterior-house-painter job or a full-service project, the pros prep the area and the surfaces. What’s usually included in the surface preparation? Scraping, washing, cleaning, sanding, fixing.

All painting services start with the good preparation of the surface

The prep phase of the painting service is crucial. The prime intention is to address problems – like damage, flaws, imperfections, and any blemish created over time. Painting damaged siding or broken decks is useless. Isn’t it? The whole point is to breathe life into the home’s exterior and make it beautiful. And so, the pros begin by addressing all flaws. They do anything required, from power washing for stubborn debris removal to caulking windows and repairing walls.

The second intention is to create a smooth surface, which will be primed and painted beautifully. The paints adhere well on surfaces, which are smooth enough and at the same time rough sufficiently – it always depends on the material. Speaking of which, you can be certain of our experience with all materials, from stucco and metal to brick and wood. And so, all materials are prepped properly and painted to perfection. Plus, they are painted with products suitable for outside and the specific material. And such factors also contribute to the long-lasting of the painting job, the resistance of the surface, and the fantastic results.

Want to get a free estimate for your exterior painting service?

What do you have to do to get started? Message or call us. Say what you need and what you want, and make an appointment so that you will receive a quote and useful information about the service. With the best in Newmarket painters on the job, the process becomes easy and free of stress and anxieties. And if you entrust the Newmarket exterior house painting to us, you will also enjoy results above all expectations and you will do so for years.