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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Want to change or refresh the color of interior trims? Our company is available for crown molding and trim painting in Newmarket, Ontario. You can have some or all trims and moldings painted in your home and thus, give them back their lost lustrous look without spending much and without going out of your way.

With Newmarket Painters, the job is performed when it’s suitable for you, with respect to the material of the trims, and with quality paint coatings.

Crown molding and trim painting in Newmarket

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Newmarket

Let us put our experience in such projects to work for you. If your home is located in Newmarket, crown molding and trim painting just became easy. Contact us. Tell us more about your molding painting project. It’s always best to make an appointment so that a painting contractor will be able to check the moldings – types, condition, and materials. By doing so, they can provide the assistance you need in choosing finishes and colors. Overall, such meetings allow you to get informed about the process, find out the service’s cost, and decide on colors and finishes. They are free of any obligation and charge too. So, stop thinking about it and make contact with us to make an appointment for a free and non-obligatory molding painting estimate and consultation.

Interior trim painting services

It’s always preferable to have all trims in the home interior painted, from baseboards and wall moldings to crowns, door & window casings, and chair rails. This way, you get a cohesive look and the moldings in the interior all refreshed. Of course, you can mix and combine painting projects, like having both the doors and the door casings painted. Or, having the kitchen cabinets finished along with the crown over the cabinets.

Before painting trims, the pros focus on preparing them. Since not all trims are made of the same material, we would like to inform you of our experience with all materials. Moldings are usually made of plaster, wood, foam, and other materials. Be sure that the preparation of the surface is done with respect to the trim’s material. The painting coatings are selected based on the material too.

Thorough molding painting and preparation

Moldings are often broken, dirty, and damaged. The prime goal is to perfect their condition. With respect to the material, the pros clean, sand, and fix trims. They take care of damage before they prep the surface for the painting phase. They focus on details, especially if the trim’s design is intricate – one thing common with crown moldings.

Once the wall trims and the crown moldings are prepped as required, they are painted. Whether you prefer neutral or bold colors and whether you want a semi-glossy or satin finish, the trims are painted perfectly. They become strong, flawless, and beautiful again, exactly what’s expected from architectural details. Why think about it? If you are considering crown molding and trim painting, Newmarket’s most experienced contractors are at your service. Get in touch with us.